Owner Operators can use the app to keep track of their running mile revenue and running mile expenses in real time, thats convenient

ANNUAL Load Book App For Truckers. Helping you to run Smarter not Harder by showing how you can be more profitable:

Fleet Owners can use the app to push load information to their drivers and collect the reimbursable expenses right from the app. this makes you more effecient

It's Safe

The load data that you enter is kept in a data spreadsheet that keeps the information for you. The information belongs to you and will never be shared with anyone else.

It's Secure

The spreadsheets are loaded on a secure server and your information will never be sold or compromised or used in any fashion outside of the APP perimeters. You'r information, app usage or data will remain your property and will not be shared with anyone.

It's Convenient

The Annual Load Book for truckers is always conveniently at hand for you to add data and reflect the summary information. Analyze prospective loads and provide you with an easy effecient way to keep track of your information.