The Annual Load Book was designed by a 3rd generation owner operator with serveral years as both a fleet owner and an owner operator. It has been my experience that you have to know what you are doing first to be able to stay on top of your program and not wake up one morning out of business. The Annual load Book is a tool that helps me stay on track.

Take control of your business

 Whether you lease purchase a truck or are an independent owner-operator you still enter into a legal agreement with the transportation company that you signed the lease with. The phrase "Riding for the Brand" has never been more right than now.

As an independent, you are the face of the brand that you are riding for. It is you that the shipper and receiver talk to and associates with. So you are the representative of the brand you are riding for.

What this means is that what you say and do while there will be what they remember so as a rep of the company always have the focus to grow the company you are with. Make a positive impression while you are working because for every shipper that you help to keep is one you can return to. Many times you will load at shippers that are customers of the company, so while there try to grow their presence there. Ask the shipper how we have been doing and report what you find out to your load coordinator.

From time to time, you will load for a shipper that we are not a customer for. This is your opportunity to ask them if we could load directly with them in the future. Find out who your company needs to talk to and it is helpful if you have some business cards from your coordinator to give them. But don't stop there because you are the face they know, so let them know that they can request you back and eventually you will have another good place to load.

Remember that whenever you can haul directly with a shipper the line haul revenue will always be higher. By being the face of your company wherever you go will benefit you and help your program be more profitable.

Happy Trails

Jack Bates

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