The Annual Load Book was designed by a 3rd generation owner operator with serveral years as both a fleet owner and an owner operator. It has been my experience that you have to know what you are doing first to be able to stay on top of your program and not wake up one morning out of business. The Annual load Book is a tool that helps me stay on track.


Happy New Year

It is my hope that 2017 finds everybody doing well. I know that 2016 was a slow year and has left many of us looking at our bottom line.

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The Annual Load Book is still in the Beta trial as we work closer to a finished product. The App will remain free during this time period because I do not believe that it is fair to charge for something until it is done and we can get the most productivity out of the App...

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Though we'll probably never see the day you can drive a truck from California to New York without taking your eyes off the dash, the more financial data you have to analyze, the more likely you will be to make money on that trip. Find the business questions you need answers to, and formulate a program that supplies those answers. Then adopt policies and modes of doing business that make you a better businessperson and watch the effects of those changes in your program as you fine tune your operation. Use the Annual Load Book App to make sure you are controlling every single factor of your operation that you have any control over, and understanding all the ones that are beyond your control. Then you can relax and enjoy the ride, cause the great view hasn't changed a bit.
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