The Annual Load Book was designed by a 3rd generation owner operator with serveral years as both a fleet owner and an owner operator. It has been my experience that you have to know what you are doing first to be able to stay on top of your program and not wake up one morning out of business. The Annual load Book is a tool that helps me stay on track.

Jack's Tips

The Points of Interest view is open to everybody. The information here is shared amongst all of the Annual Load Book app users. This is a handy place to keep all of those holes in the walls that only you know about because of you been there before. So share these places with other drivers and they will share their places too. 

This tab started because I kept losing the notebook that I was writing this information down. It's the concept of AnnualLoadBook. A more convenient place to keep that information that has always been elusive. I have been a driver for 30 years and I know well the difficulties that we all go through doing our job. For me, the app makes my job a little simpler and it has made me a better manager of my career.

Happy Trails

Jack Bates

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