Owner Operators can use the app to keep track of their running mile revenue and running mile expenses in real time, thats convenient

ANNUAL Load Book App For Truckers. Helping you to run Smarter not Harder by showing how you can be more profitable:

Fleet Owners can use the app to push load information to their drivers and collect the reimbursable expenses right from the app. this makes you more effecient

Changes to Monthly Summary

2017 is projected to be better and industry projections for 2018 are looking to set records in overall freight tonnage needed. So it is my endevoe to keep working on the App and make it the most valuable tool that we use to keep track of the important things and keep a close eye on our program.

I have reset the totals to reflect 2017 Data. The load data for 2016 will still be there for you to see however the 2016 totals are not there.

If anyone wants the summary totals for 2016 can contact me using the new link in the menu that is for contacting support.

The charts work a little different now, now when you select the chart for income data it will open up to Jan of the current year then just swip the screen to move to the next month. I like this better for a summary view and I may use it instead of the summary selection on the bottom.

As of right now there is still no charge for the App as we are still working on it and I hope that everyone will take a minute to let me know if you have any concerns.

Happy Trails

Jack Bates


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