Owner Operators can use the app to keep track of their running mile revenue and running mile expenses in real time, thats convenient

ANNUAL Load Book App For Truckers. Helping you to run Smarter not Harder by showing how you can be more profitable:

Fleet Owners can use the app to push load information to their drivers and collect the reimbursable expenses right from the app. this makes you more effecient

Still In Trial Version

So if anyone would like to start using the app and see how it can help them be more competative in todays transportation business, now would be the time to start and participate in the developement of the Annual Load Book for Truckers. Later in 2017 we will move the App into deployment and will charge a small subscription of $3.00/Month or an annual rate 20% discount of $28.80/year. The charge is for the secure data storage server and access to all updates and support.

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