The Annual Load Book was designed by a 3rd generation owner operator with serveral years as both a fleet owner and an owner operator. It has been my experience that you have to know what you are doing first to be able to stay on top of your program and not wake up one morning out of business. The Annual load Book is a tool that helps me stay on track.

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From time to time I run into or am asked by someone about some hints that help make the business of trucking better and more profitable or more effecient.

Here are a couple of the better tax deferments that are available..

  1. You can deposite up to $6,750.00 per person on your health plan into an HSA tax defered account.
  2. You can also open up a personal IRA account from a financial advisor company like Vanguard, Meryl Lynch and so on. If you are over age 50 then you can annually contribute $6,500.00 and $5,500.00 if you are younger than that. Open one for each person that you want your company to make the contributions into. The nice thing about having a personal IRA account  is that the contributions act as a business expense like fuel and are deducted from your gross income. You can also borrow cash for repairs from your IRA account and you will only be taxed on the portion that you do not replace by the end of the year.

These are just a couple of the best ones that I know about that can help lower your tax liability. Most of us are at a 15% to 18% self employed tax rate so if you need to know what to withhold for future taxes and to pay ahead use that amount and you will always be very close to what your tax liability is.

Happy Trails

Jack Bates

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Hello I think that I need to update an issue. If anyone loses the app for any reason than that is no problem as the server has your Data and it is not ever deleted unless not accessed for a few years.

So if you have lost your app or changed phones than simply load appsheet from the playstore than load the Annual Load Book from the web site or ask me and I will send you the link. You can also load the App on as many portable devices that you want if you want someone else to be able to access your information you can. To do so just log in to each version of the App using the same email address.

Also if you have lost your login email or have forget what you used than contact me and I can let you know. I do not have the password for the dropbox account you used you have to get a new one from drop box.

Also if you miss any of the updates or newsletters then you can go to the web site and I post all of them there. Also ther is updated instructions and hints on how to use the app.

AS always I use the app as a tool to better manage my program and I hope you do to.

Happy Trails

Jack Bates

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Well back in October I promised to make the last years summary data available to everyone. So with freight being slow I have had time to do some maintenance on the app as you have seen their has been several changes.

2016 summary menuI added the 2016 Summary chart to the menu in the upper left of the app. In order to see it

  1. Tap the sync on the bottom right of the app
  2. Select the menu on the top left
  3. Select 2016 Monthly Summary, it works like the current summary. Starts with a chart view
  4. Tap the chart and the individual months with the data showing, you can filter through the months by swiping the 2016 summary chartscreen to the side or by selecting the Data buttom on top and select the month you want to look at. You can add load data for 2016 in the same place that you add your current you will just have to be sure and date them for the proper month in 2016. and the charts will updat automatically.

Remember you can load the App on as many mobile devices that you want it is unlimited as long as the log in email is the same on each.

The app can also work for fleet owners so that they can see what all of their equipment is doing

Again please let me know if you are experiencing any problems or if you have any ideas or concerns about the App.


Happy Trails

Jack and Ren'e Bates



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I have updated the app in the" SETUP" viewScreenshot menu

You can no longer add Fixed expenses and Variable expenses hereScreenshot expenses 1

You now have to go to "Expenses" view located at the bottom left of the App and add it as a new expense you can add this daily weekly or just once a month. The App will calculate all of the added expenses for each month and summarize them in the SETUP view you will see a running total of the fixed and variable expenses.

I am doing this because I am working on summarizing the expense totals for each month in order to better calculate an accurate cost per mile .

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