The Annual Load Book was designed by a 3rd generation owner operator with serveral years as both a fleet owner and an owner operator. It has been my experience that you have to know what you are doing first to be able to stay on top of your program and not wake up one morning out of business. The Annual load Book is a tool that helps me stay on track.

App Instructions

Annual Load Book App

Operating Instructions

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The Annual Load Book can only be had by invitation from After you have requested your personal Load Book App you will receive an email with a link to download appsheet that is the controller for the app. After you have appsheet loaded then load the shortcut to the AnnualLoadBook App. It will have the icon that matches the image above

Log into the app using any of the 3rd party logins that are available to you, if you do not have any of the options then you can either create one they are all free or send me an email and I will set you up personally with a custom login and password. We use the third party protocol as an added layer of security. you will only need to log into the app the first time it will stay logged in until you sign out of it. So keep your login information somewhere safe.

When you signed up for the app you gave me your truck number. The app uses this to sort the reports, that way if you buy another truck or regularly use different trucks then you can run reports for each one. 

 You can go to the menu located on the top left select App User that is the information that makes the app your and no one else can see your data unless you want to share it with them. So make sure that the information here is correct with the correct truck number and such. This is also where after you have about a month or so of data in the app you will come back here and set a filter for the information that is used to display the dynamic analytics.




 The next thing to do is start adding data that is where all of the different views pull their information from. To add load data simple select the tab at the bottom labeled "Loads" tap the orange round button with the + to add a new record. Fill in the information you want. Some of the fields with the * beside them are mandatory. Each field is searchable so fill them in so that you can search for that information later.

The information that is mandatory is used to calculate the running mile revenue that you are making. You can add hypothetical info while you are on the phone with a broker or your dispatch and enter the information for empty miles, loaded miles and your revenue and hit save, this will make the app calculate the per mile revenue for you to make a better-informed decision about whether to accept the load or ask for more money and recalculate until you get what you need or decline the load.

The App will handle the computations and figure the running mile revenue. You can find the information stored in the App by using the search function located on the top right corner.




At the same time add your expenses in the tab marked Expenses left bottom. Here you will want to keep this up to date so the app can calculate your cost per mile. Be sure to add everything here that you will want the truck or trucks to pay for. That way you can get a clear picture of your program. The more load data and expense data you add the better and more accurate the dynamic analytics will be. Select the date and choose a category for the expense next add the dollar amount of the expense. If the expense is a fuel or def expense then you will have the opportunity to add the gallons. If you do this consistently as you by fuel then the app will figure your average MPG. You will also want to keep the expenses up to date because by the end of 2018 I will have the app so that you can set it up to send a pdf by email every month to your email with a monthly expense and income report similar to the data shown in the dynamic analytics tab.  You can share that with your tax consultant. Now that will be convenient!


Step 4

Basic Report:

Located on the bottom on the right the tab with the star on it. Here just select the name of the driver, the truck (defaults to you and yours if there is just one. Select the start date and the end date for the report. " I do this as a monthly report works best for me" You can do it, however, as best it suits you to give you the best information. Hit enter and sync the data to the server and your report is saved. The app will save all of the reports here you do not have to edit it each month. Now at the end of the year, it is a good idea to edit the first report and make it summarize all of the previous years and start new reports for the current year monthly views. After you learn more about making reports in the app you can tailor each report to best suit your specific needs.


Step 5

Points of Interest:

This is the tab I enjoy the most and is open to everyone that has the AnnualLoadBook App. Here the points of interest tab located in the menu are to share all of those places that you know about because you have been there before. Here we do not want the Truckstop chains lots of apps do that. At AnnualLoadBook we all hold our selves up to those hidden treasures. EX: Country restaurants with truck parking, hometown shops that fix a problem while not making another one. The big shops have the mindset that they can hold you up as long as they want to and charge you whatever they want to. But the hometown shops only want to fix your problem, charge you accordingly and get you on your way. Anyplace that you can park a truck safely or a place to get the best food and services. Any Points Of Interest places will be verified by AnnualLoadBook and posted with a verified date. Also, everyone can see everyone else's points of interest as these are public places there was no need to hide them. This is the only tab that is shared. "None of your load or expense data will ever be shared with anyone" JB


Step 6

Basic Expense Report:

Located in the menu works like the income reports only it summarizes the expenses. To start tap the add button and set the operator and truck and the dates that you want to report on. Press save and sync the information to the server. You can add as many reports here as you want to. Monthly and annually work well for me however the options are totally up to you.

The next tab "Cost/Income chart shows the data that you have entered into the app from the load revenue and the expenses. This view gives you a good way of understanding your margins. However it is only as good as the information that you add so for it to be accurate you must be consistant adding the data to the app as it happens.



















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