The Annual Load Book was designed by a 3rd generation owner operator with serveral years as both a fleet owner and an owner operator. It has been my experience that you have to know what you are doing first to be able to stay on top of your program and not wake up one morning out of business. The Annual load Book is a tool that helps me stay on track.

Load Book App

Instantly know what your running mile revenue is Always!


A Note From Jack

Why I created the Load Book For Truckers.

 The Annual Load Book for truckers was created by an owner-operator with 30 years experience of a family tradition of transportation operators since 1910. However, around 2000 I have been noticing that in order to be and stay profitable I had to start implementing the tools that I needed to keep better track of the revenue and costs for my operation. The years of "if the wheels are turning we are making money" no longer applies. In order to stay competitive, we have to work smarter not harder and the tools that help us do that are well worth their cost.

For the last few years I kept track of the loads on a spreadsheet, it worked, however, it was hard to keep up on it and too much time would go by really fast and my data was not helping me because it was not up to date. So talking to the accountant and the safety leader at our company they hit on the same issue is that the source of the load book had to be simple, efficient and convenient. That can be a tall order so after considerable time I was able to develop the Annual Load Book APP that has become the most important tool I use. It answered all of my questions about my program. It makes me find way's to save money and it helps me see those changes in real time. It's simple, efficient and convenient. I know what my cost per mile is and I always know the true revenue per mile I am making.

Happy Trails

Jack Bates